Detroit Ice Potato

Jan 16

New DIP Dance! <(’ .’ )>

Damn that tater’s got moves.

Jan 15

Meanwhile in Detroit…

Last night was freezing in Detroit. While the city slept, a portal opened and the Detroit Ice Potato stepped through.

He visited old haunts.

And new haunts.

And now he waits.

Watching, observing, hoping the temperature stays low, and planning his next move while listening to music on his invisible headphones.

♫ It’s been a long time, I shouldn’t have left you, without a dope DIP to step to… 

The DIP checks his temperature watch. Time is currently short. Carpe Tubér.

Click for Detroit, Michigan Forecast

May 02

DIP Awarded Prestigious “Tubers In Their 20s” Status, New Album Soon

The Detroit Ice Potato was just named to Crain’s “Tubers in their 20s” list

DIP is coming off a quiet, hard-working winter, laying down tracks for his forthcoming album, “No Rules”, dropping sometime in 2012. 

Reached in his studio, DIP took a short break from rhymin-all-the-timin to say thanks to his fans for keeping him on top like sour cream.

Production still from the No Rules sessions:

Aug 02

Jrug Rug & DIP Rap Part Deux

Jul 21

Scandal! Detroit Ice Potato Melts At Home During Big Inch Block Party

It’s been quite a summer for the Detroit Ice Potato. First he missed his performance with Jrug Rug at SXSW. Then he showed up only briefly at the Plymouth microhood before getting snatched and taken who-knows-where.

Then, this past weekend, after having been scheduled as the Guest of Honor at the Big Inch Block Party in downtown Detroit, he was accidentally left home alone and melted!

The Big Inch Block Party Heats Up While The Detroit Ice Potato Melts from Jerry Paffendorf on Vimeo.

The good news is it’s no wonder why he’s having such a tough time: how would you feel in 100 degree weather if *you* were a frozen tuber with zero mobility living in the motor city who’s already died once? But winter is never very far away. And winter, for the Detroit Ice Potato, is the time to shine. <3

Photos in the video by Alan Languirand. Music by Lightning Love who rocked the BIBP. Checkemout.

May 03

Triple Threat Cross-Over: Selleck Waterfall Motor City Bad DIP

In honor of Mary Carter’s new blog, Mary Carter Motor City Bad Ass, here’s the cross-over threat of the century: Motor City Bad Ass meets Detroit Ice Potato meets Selleck Waterfall Sandwich (not affiliated, but we’re fans).

Featured sandwich: Ice Potato on 3D bread from the Google Sketchup 3D Warehouse.

Apr 22

Reports of The DIP’s Death Have Been Awesomely Exaggerated

Read the full and shocking report at One More Spoke.

According to his wishes he was laid to rest in a simple pine box, his head resting on a canary-yellow pillow.  The Ice Potato is survived by an untold number of siblings and is rumored to have fathered several children.  His father died in March at a Wendy’s restaurant in Des Moines, while his mother died just days later at a Burger King in Miami. 

Mar 17

Jrug Rug & D.I.P. Looking For An Album Deal At SXSW

Jrug Rug and the Detroit Ice Potato began their relationship early in life, when a 5-year old Jrug Rug told her mom, “Ew! Disgusting! I’m not eating that potato, it’s frozen!” and brought DIP up to her room for safe keeping and hard rapping.

Literally a part of the underground Detroit rap scene, the two could be found deep under the city in the old salt mines with other famous salt-hop scene fixtures such as Deer Lick and Peppa Shaka.

In the early months of 2010 the duo dusted that salt off their shoulders and came hard widdit, releasing “Lettem Know What You He Fo (Potato Man Why You Leave Me Lone?”) recorded at the Russell Industrial Center.

While Jrug Rug flies to LA for an anti-French Fry protest, DIP heads to SXSW in Austin, Texas to promote the single and find a label tater enough to sign them up for a full-length masterwork. 

So, if you’re at SXSW and see a frozen potato on the street, please pick it up, walk it to the nearest producer, music agent, or label rep. Tell them to check out this site and email Jrug Rug and DIP’s agent, J Pizzle AKA Easy P, at jerryp[at]gmail[dot]com.

We’ll take it from there.

Full song:

Detroit Ice Potato Rap Demo Tape from Jerry Paffendorf on Vimeo.

Chorus ring tone (Potatone):

Jrug Rug & D.I.P. Ring Tone (Potatone) from Jerry Paffendorf on Vimeo.

Mar 17

Words Are Exchanged. Detroit Ice Potatoes Are Fired. And Then, This Happens:

Mar 01

Potato + Prose = Prosetato

From the Letters To A Young Ice Poetato department, Doc Cherry pens the first potato prose:

When I met the frozen tuber in February, he was icy and unmoving. We stood together looking over the city blanketed in fresh snow. Our souls are in synchronicity; we stand together against the world.

If the spudly spirit moves you too, submit your own creation to the Facebook fan page at