Detroit Ice Potato

Jul 21

Scandal! Detroit Ice Potato Melts At Home During Big Inch Block Party

It’s been quite a summer for the Detroit Ice Potato. First he missed his performance with Jrug Rug at SXSW. Then he showed up only briefly at the Plymouth microhood before getting snatched and taken who-knows-where.

Then, this past weekend, after having been scheduled as the Guest of Honor at the Big Inch Block Party in downtown Detroit, he was accidentally left home alone and melted!

The Big Inch Block Party Heats Up While The Detroit Ice Potato Melts from Jerry Paffendorf on Vimeo.

The good news is it’s no wonder why he’s having such a tough time: how would you feel in 100 degree weather if *you* were a frozen tuber with zero mobility living in the motor city who’s already died once? But winter is never very far away. And winter, for the Detroit Ice Potato, is the time to shine. <3

Photos in the video by Alan Languirand. Music by Lightning Love who rocked the BIBP. Checkemout.

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